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Compact view tab makes a smaller "always on top" window that has only camera shooting parameters, this mode is useful when you're in fullscreen mode and want to keep controls visible.

Options tab has controls for enabling/disabling of software update, connection/disconnection popups and optional saving of all pictures taken in single/interval shooting modes.

He also wrote the screenplay for the upcoming feature film “Mary Queen of Scots,” starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie.

Willimon was elected to WGAE Council twice before becoming president of the Guild. Jeremy Pikser has been a member of the WGAE Council since 2007.

He is currently a teacher of graduate screenwriting at Johns Hopkins University.

Bob Schneider John Auerbach John Auerbach is a lifetime member of the WGAE.

He’s the co-writer of the film Bulworth, for which he won the LA Critics Award, as well as Oscar, Golden Globe and Writer’s Guild nominations for best screenplay and War, Inc., a satire about US policy in the Middle East, which he wrote with Mark Leyner and John Cusack.

He also wrote The Lemon Sisters and worked on the script and production of Reds.

, and made his first foray into television as the creator and showrunner of the Emmy and Golden Globe winning “House of Cards.” He is currently executive producing “The First,” a drama set in the near future about the first human mission to Mars, starring Sean Penn and Natascha Mc Elhone.Main window has CONNECT checkbox, when Extra Webcam is being used by another application camera connects automatically, in this case CONNECT switches viewfinder video on and off, when running standalone CONNECT initiates camera connection/disconnection.Videosource box has four items: "None" disables video output, "Live Viewfinder" selects 320x200x30fps streaming video, "Single Shot" makes output of manually taken still images up to 640x480 resolution, "Interval Shooting" mode automatically takes pictures with a configurable interval, the resolution is up to 640x480.Find My review and video: Common webcams don't offer much in terms of video quality, so if you wish to be seen clearly by your friends, you could try using a digital camera as a webcam... you own a Canon digital camera, you can use Extra Webcam to turn it into a high-quality web camera suitable for video conferencing using Skype, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and other IMs, remote surveillance and everything else webcams are used for.

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