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She saw his works exhibited some years ago at Mehboob Studio and was taken by the simplicity and the magnitude of his forms.“Good art is when it resonates with what you are feeling within and you are thus free to interpret.The buzz of welders and their rain of sparks is also there on most days.

) But hey, at least Teen Mania gave you two whole months to come up with the extra money.For Vandana, getting a sculpture ready is like “a pregnant mother expecting her child.” While the neighbours don’t know whether or not Vandana makes any money, she believes that more women artists should pursue sculpting.She knows of female sculptors who have given up the practice because they did not receive adequate support in their personal lives, especially after they got married.Her works have been exhibited at shows in the city, including the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. The talented sculptor, however, has been supported by her family to train in the arts ever since she started winning prizes for her paintings in primary school.A 14-foot-high oscillating doll, exhibited there in 2011, now decorates a garden at a resort in Panvel. At college she was naturally drawn to sculpting, simply because it was “so much fun to make something in 3D”.

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    I've read the trilogy and am quite astounded that a Christian can read this material without great conviction.

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    The news that Pru Paul’s Bake Race, as one fan christened the reboot, still retains the power to comfort is welcome indeed, even if it’s less popular than it once was.