German railpass validating stamp

Just like buses, these trains usually only stop on request.Relatively new to Germany are double-decker trains. Many regional trains have a special area for storing bicycles; those cars are marked with a large bicycle symbol on the outside.The DB was developing the world's first magnetic-levitation passenger train line between Berlin and Hamburg, but it was cancelled due to a number of political issues.But another maglev line, connecting Munich's central station and airport, is now being considered.

Nearly all of the roadbed in the eastern part of the nation has either been upgraded or junked.It's worth noting that Germany is a union country, and transport strikes (Streik) can occur at any time and for any ol' reason, although it is still a fairly rare occurrence and there is usually plenty of advance notice.Still, travelers should be aware that even a short "warning strike" (Warnungstreik) in one city can ripple through the entire system causing long delays and even cancellations.You will get to see all of the various types of trains and watch how precisely the system runs.I have done this many times and it still fascinates me just as much now as when I was a kid.

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