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kennedy is known as a partisan and a liberal who was able to forge deals with republicans to pass historic legislation on civil rights and education. certainly will have an impact on the political life in the country because he was somebody who was able to bring people together and passionate about his issues. reporter: senator kennedy's maybeors on tracy place in northwest say even though they understood the prognosis for kennedy's illness it still didn't make the news of his passing this morning any easier to take. neighbors tell us he loved to drive his vehicle because he could get his dogs into the back of it and easily transport them from place to place and from time to time he needed to get a wheelchair into that vehicle as well. the neighbors tell me this was his wife's dream street. the first stage, he was the kid brother who was actually considered a little bit of a lightweight not quite as smart or talented as his younger brothers. right now, in and around us, there's nothing going ono our south there have been more u secayoe onn again along the coast, nothing associated with danny.reporter: senator kennedy's family let it be known today that instead of flowers in his memory, they want congress to pass a health care reform bill. but he had the ability to bring people together to get things done and i'm hopeful that in reflecting on his legacy we will remember that we need to work together to get things done. enator kennedy will lie in repose tomorrow and thursdayt a the john f. analerunasser followsur sdaaty bo on obour lady of perct hhtulteaal basilica. but to some washingtonians he was simply a neighbor and a friend. i was shocked initially that i heard that he had passed away last night. but then i remembered that, you know, that that was part of the whole diagnosis. they had been very good neighbors and they have included us and other neighbors for his 75th birthday and a few years ago which was quite an interesting evening because everyone from the media was there and everybodyimportant, clintons and obama was there and all -- family members, caroline can and the shrivers. here in front of the front door, you can see a welcome matd. they moved here about ten years ago and they say that they brought so much life to the block they hope that his wife wi will remain. we are remembering him now as the lion in the senate brt you are right. when he firstot his senate seat in massachusetts, people thought well, it is just because of jfk. as a matter of fact, at ocean city, look at the day they had. overnight tonight, we are going to see some of that humidity in on us. tomorrow when you get up and head out we are going to be seeing temperatures into the low 70s. can't rule out completely that tomorrow afternoon there may be afternoon shower or thundershower for you folks in otsig h asass of west virginiah t idsow get ie towards the weekend, any impact from danny right now around the washington area would be just some showers.Researchers are just beginning to understand the new and complicated dynamics of online dating, and it is unclear what factors go into successful matching, though long-term relationship satisfaction is likely to come from the same factors regardless of how people meet (go here for an overview of predictors of relationships satisfaction).Many times, that first meeting is a letdown, and it doesn't go further than that.So while online dating is on the rise, most online relationships do not lead to long-term committed relationships.

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pregnant woman died when a truck wheel came off when airborne and land order the windshield of her vehicle.moran says that on their way to the town meeting, he and howard dean discussed senator edward kennedy's commitment to health care reform.and what shame it was his illness prevented kennedy from participating in the rough and tumble debates. what that means is there's roughly about a 70% chance the track will be in that boundary.l ieil burd at arlington b national seem tear where his er members of his family are also buriednd kennedy is eeligior fbl burial thbyir vetuth of his service nd csesgr and a as well asis two years in the army during the early '50s. then after first -- john kennedy and robert kennedy were assassinated, a period where i think he feels his expectation that he has to be the next kennedy to run for president which perhaps he wasn't suited to be. remember, the mid part of the country, united states had the coolest there are your choices. slightly above average or global average temperature, fifth warmest july ever. surprisingly, even though it was e coolestu july in many states in the mid part of the country, globally, it wasle the fifth warmest july that's been measured. there's the blue area where it was so cool in the united states but around the globe, there were many other areas that had one of their warmest julys of all time. the effects from danny will not be anything that will affect us or -- will even notice until about saturday. but there will be some likely strong winds at the beach.but then after 1980, when he takes onimmy carter, sitting incumbent president, almost wins but then loses, carter goes on to lose to ronald reagan, think think he realized he would never be president and devoted himself to becoming a great legislator and that's what he did over the next 30 years. weatre aiteci tlhat "nbc tt "nbc nightly news"ill be br tidc a kennedy. sosto tay to stayew and bcthwis4ew nndinwash nbcwashingm .racoge ou si wgeteas our webte hher'na fes toli tofg se alr'toons life alg ac rotirehifeon m acreri fonshim fs friends an eanct r bioy. possibly one of the most effective members of the congress. and i have known ted kennedy well and we particularly want his family to know we ceolhind our conds.enols. earlier this year during a visit to washington prime minister brown announced queen elizabeth had awarded the senator an honorary knight hood and kennedy was respected for his role in the northern ireland peace process. that was from the folks at the national climatic data center and a way to look at it. as a matter of fact, the water temperature, july water temperature was well above the long-term average. many folks, many scientists think with increase change, climate changes, the earth's oceans are warming. weather front, though, will be setting up showers and thundershowers as we get into friday. and once again, heavy surf but the very, very latest is the trends are that it would stay offshore and not have a major impact on any of the shore areas.

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