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-Factory style rubber bushings at the non-adjustable ends for quite, maintenance-free operation. (Control arm design varies depending on specific arm location) JKS Flex Connect *Disconnecting* Link Kit and Flex Connect Performance Spring Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK w/ 2" - 5" of lift.-CNC formed for proper tire, frame and axle mount clearance. The Flex Connect is unlike any other sway bar link on the market today.These springs are tuned to work in different terrains or vehicle setups.The Performance Spring kit includes tools and instructions to swap out the pre-installed OE springs with any of the 3 optional spring sets.Flex Connect Kit Base Spring OE Spring (Pre-installed in the Flex Connect) - Effective spring rate is 35% softer than factory, 1.1" total link travel - Closest spring to a stock fixed length sway bar link.Maintains road manners while still giving the benefit of absorbing the "head-bobble" type bumps - Changes your stock sway bar system into a dual rate system.It made sense; it was the father-son dichotomy you expected, and it's what led to a role reversal in which Ewald senior started taking cues from junior.Cues that had more to do with things like small-displacement Japanese turbo engines and less to do with things like big blocks and two-speed transmissions.

Aftermarket products must meet these standards as well.These springs are housed in a precision machined aluminum body and utilize a steel alloy link rod.The attention to design details stretches to the ends where the industry famous JKS spherical sway bar link bushings are installed in greaseable aluminum ends."It's the first and only Spirit Rei Miyabi hatchback in the U. And, like just about everything else done to the pair of 240s, those bumpers, side skirts, and fenders were all fitted right in his own garage, where Jarett and dad went on to prep and paint the quarter-century-old sheetmetal themselves."My body kit took a lot of time as far as final adjustments test-fitting, trimming corners, sanding, smoothing everything down evenly, and then painting, wet sanding, and buffing it," Jarett says about the kit that's so rare it's almost one-off.

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