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More about this apparition Title: Hodegetria Visionaries: two blind people The Hodegetria takes its name from the miracle of the blind and the monastery of Hodegium in Constantinople.

According to legend, the Blessed Mother appeared to two blind people in Constantinople, took them by the hand and showed them the way or guided them to the monastery of Hodegium where she restored their sight.

The first account of the life and miracle of Alessio appeared in the west in the 10th century. Two choirs then appeared in the room, one of a great multitude of saints, manned by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the other of innumerable virgins who had in their midst the Virgin of Virgins, Mother of God" according to Ribadeneira (according to Legende Doree of Jacopo da Varazze). The church is noted for its old bell, which contains inscriptions belonging to some unknown script.

This legendary tale has no trustworthy historical foundation. Another significant artifact is a model of a ship made from wood.

Since that time, the blind and all those who suffer eye disorders have come to wash their eyes in the waters from a spring near the church.

Although distinctly Eastern, the Virgin Hodegetria has been and remains one of the preferred images of the West.

Our Lady, during her appearance, completely cured her. Paterno (an Egyptian monk) While passing through on the way to visit the graves of St. Paterno was brought to a secret community of persecuted Christians to help them bury those who died in a massacre at the hands of Emperor Decius. She refused marriage to an emperor because Christ had already appeared to her in person and placed his gold ring on her finger (like St. The two appearances urged him to fulfill his spiritual mission.

That night, Our Lady and Child appeared to him in a vision. Lawrence (Martyr) The Virgin's appearance to this Roman deacon during his torture on the grill, is without any authenticity and totally unverifiable. Lawrence" (originating in the 4th Century), a text replete with improbabilities as pointed out by Rouillard (column 52), neither the work of the poet Prudence "Peristephanon" (PL t. In this council he was very committed to support the doctrine of the divinity of Christ.

In the night between August 4 and 5, Mary appeared to the couple and at the same time as Pope Liberius ( 366), expressing the wish that a church was erected on the Esquiline Hill, and precisely on where the next morning the snow would have covered soil.

She bilocated, that is, she appeared in Spain while still living in Jerusalem (or Ephesus).

The origin of the Cathedral of Zaragoza is built around the chapel of Santa Maria del Pilar.

John the Evengelist received a vision of the Virgin Mary before he composed the Book of Revelation. Gregory the Wonderworker (213-270), before he was ordained bishop of Neocaesarea.

Visionaries: shepherd children It is believed that Our Lady appeared to a few children at Kuravilangad, who were tending their flock in the bushes. The apostle, at the urging of Mary, would provide all the necessary clarifications to the Saint around the theological issues, particularly on the mystery of the Trinity, then the subject of strong controversy. Catherine of Alexandria studied philosophy when she was young as was fashionable in Alexandria's high society.

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