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His little brother in the room next door would be able to continue sleeping peacefully and his mother wouldn't wake up either.And he himself, 14-year-old Leonard Qukaj -- a shy boy with bright blue eyes, a talent for drawing and an enthusiasm for the Bayern München football club -- would likely not even feel the bullet piercing his skull.Leonard has thought about the moment of his death often during the four years he has been hiding in his house from assassins from a rival family.He has developed back problems from sitting so much; during the day, when there is nothing else to do, he watches Italian television or, more to his liking, football.

Making sweet Turkish coffee on a gas cooker for his guest, his face is pale and his expression is one of defiance, except when he smiles. Any change of pace in this three-room house -- his prison -- is welcome.

It is a parallel system of justice focusing on honor, guilt and vengeance, and remains in effect in rural regions. It threatens entire families, including children and teenagers.

And the feuds that result often begin with a seemingly harmless quarrel.

The family lives in a whitewashed house in Shkoder, a city of 96,000 people in Albania's northwest, near the Albanian Alps.

Horse carts drive by on unpaved streets, vendors sell tomatoes on the sidewalks and men play dominoes in the parks.

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