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crossovers that start on , or take place roughly between the previous and next episodes of the other show.) So, watching in date-aired order is (almost) always going to work best for getting the entire story exactly as it was intended.

to watch the episodes interleaved get the full story.

A more simplified list based on Rob D's post and kguest's comment post with what I believe to be the correct order to watch based on information from the answers.

Normally that would be a strange decision given how new this show is, but the first two episode did such a great job of building Barry's world and supporting cast that we don't need the hero to always be hogging the spotlight. With Cisco, we know that there's pain lurking beneath the chipper exterior and all that hair.

Naš sistem isključivo indeksira linkove (embed) ka drugim sajtovima kao sto je, za povredu DMCA kontaktirajte Kao Barri i tima u S.

Laboratorije rade za snimanje Kile Nimbus zvani magli, opasan novi meta -Human sa otrovnim gasom moc?

The two TV shows Arrow and The Flash cross over (or so I'm told). In particular, watching in this order is the easiest way to guarantee not to spoil anything from either show by watching the other.

I've only been watching Arrow so far, and Barry Allen has just turned up. The second season of Season 3, take place at the same time, and there are cross-over cameos at the end of those episodes.

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