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I believe these approaches are necessary for valuing participant voice and empowerment, thereby advancing social justice and social change.My book highlights how there is great potential in critical pedagogy for teachers and students wanting to explore identities, social experiences and belongings.Rather than teaching students about politicised and hegemonic versions of Britishness, in the book, I draw upon the ways teachers can choose to galvanise young people to speak boldly about what it means to be British.My research draws upon critical ethnography, arts-based educational research, as well as critical race methodology and critical pedagogy.

To counter an almost monochrome and melancholic depiction of a mythical Britishness of the past that has seeped into our national imaginary, my empirical research moved forward by including the voices of ethnic minority and White working-class young people from southeast London as they seek to rethink and redefine contemporary (national) belongings and identities. The book addresses the ways in which Art teachers and trainee teachers are working out how they might best incorporate exploration of identities in their lessons.

Les enfants doivent rejoindre leur second oncle ( Dele) qui est censé les attendre.

Madame Bankole les abandonne car elle n était qu'une passeuse et ils se retrouvent seuls car leur oncle Dele a disparu.

L'oncle ( Tunde) et le père décide d'envoyer les enfants en Angleterre pour qu'ils échappent au régime et pour les mettre hors danger.

Ils passent donc clandestinement avec Madame Bankole l'aéroport et arrivent en Angleterre.

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