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But you see it when he hangs with his buddies at Jilly's bar, and they are going through the yearbook and he says "I will be coaching my son's league team." That’s where all of a sudden he is home and there is no longer that disconnect.And next thing he sees is Heather at the lake, and there is still a spark -- and I need to investigate this, because over here is a special thing. I spent my 20s in this business and I have a career now that is almost 15 years, and that is a long time -- I mean, that's just three years less than half of my life.It’s a needle in a haystack operation here in Hollywood, and so it's about staying present in the moment and consistently finding my voice – and also just going for it, you know.

PHOTOS: ' American Reunion' Premiere: Red Carpet Arrivals But in to talk about the experience of returning to the film series that first made him a star; in addition to discussing the challenges – or lack thereof – of getting back into his character, Klein talked about the effects of spending almost half of his life in the Hollywood spotlight, and reflected on the growing up he’s done both as a person and a professional actor.THR: Was there anything in particular you wanted to do with the character, or see happen?Klein: I didn't have any expectations -- I would have had to be sitting around for, you know, 10 years or 8 years, or however long it was. So Jon, Hayden and I sat down and they said, "we kind of think that Oz is in sports broadcasting and was hosting a highlight-style show a la Sports Center on ESPN." I didn't have a pitch better than that one, and then they said, "and we think that maybe Oz does like a ' Dancing with the Stars' kind of thing, because he has got some celebrity.” And I said great, because that fits -- you see him in [] and he is singing and he obviously enjoys it.Is the work constantly surprising you, or are you comfortable tackling each new challenge?Klein: I think that has to do more with life experience.

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